Tips To Keep In Mind While Job Hunting

  1. Reach out to people you know. If you have the applicable experience and skills for the job, consider reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn. It is always a great idea to get recommended by a colleague who is already at the organisation you want to apply to, as it increases your credibility if they can vouch for you.
  2. Identify industries and companies you want to work with. Reach out to the recruiters for a referral via LinkedIn possibly. Research the company and the work culture and be ready with intelligent questions to ask at the initial stage.
  3. Non-financial benefits and flexible hours. Besides the monetary benefits, its essential to look at the other perks that the organisation can provide. For Example: health insurance, travel leaves, reimbursements for homework setup, work culture, and work hours are a few that can help you make your decision while looking for a job.

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