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Rohan Kapur
Founder, Chief Ghostwriter and Resume Writer

My journey began in 2014 while pursuing my undergrad. I failed to land a job after 400 interviews because of visa restrictions. I was determined to use this to my advantage to only get the job I wanted, but also to build on BYOB. Over the last 8 years, I have had the opportunity to interact with fresh graduates, seasoned leaders, entrepreneurs, retiring professionals, restaurateurs, and artists. And it is through them, I realised that one's individuality and how the communication is handled is what sets you apart from the crowd. And henceforth, Build Your Own Brand was created, as a platform to help others design their candidature and build their brand.Since its inception, we have now coined the name “Build Your Own Brand,” and expanded the services to not just resume designing, but also LinkedIn profile designing, interview preparation, video resume, and currently ghostwriting content for Founders, CEOs & CXOs on LinkedIn, Wall Street Times, US Insider, NY Weekly, Economic Business Insider, Forbes, Medium, and more as well. We also have an IP “@thebyobseries“.

BYOB was created with a mission to help people achieve what they truly deserve and kick-start their journey of building their own brand!

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Our team carries experience across sales, marketing, content, tech, and finance.

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Rohan Kapur
Founder & CEO / Chief Ghostwriter & Resume Writer
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Karpreet Singh
Graphic Designer / Social Media Specialist / Visual Storyteller
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Jelitta Diva
Digital Marketing / SEO & Social Media Strategist
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