2022 Round-Up at BYOB

We crunched the numbers for the year 2022 at BYOB to understand who's using our platform and what's trending in the job market. 

Here's what we found:

Active Job Seekers: 

Seasoned professionals with over 10 years of experience were the most active job seekers on BYOB.

Top desired roles:

 The most sought-after roles were in leadership positions.

→ Founder's Office (18%)

→ Product (16%)

→ Performance Marketing (14%)

→ Program Management and Sales followed closely at 9% each.

Most Talked About Topic: 

The future is here! Web3, the concept of a decentralized web, was the most talked about topic on BYOB, showcasing a strong interest in this emerging technology.

AI & ChatGPT Impact:

Concerns about AI and ChatGPT replacing jobs were a hot topic, but the conversation shifted towards how these tools can actually assist us, not take over the workforce.

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