Startup Survival Tactics: The Bootstrapping vs. Fundraising Debate

Date: 28 November, 2023

Mentor: Rohan Kapur, CEO and Founder of BYOB

Hosted By: GrowthSchool - LinkedIn's Top Startups India 2023 

Event Summary:

Rohan Kapur, CEO and Founder of BYOB, shared his insights on the critical decision of choosing between bootstrapping and fundraising for startups. This session, hosted by GrowthSchool, provided aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable knowledge on navigating the complex world of startup funding.

Key Highlights:

Understanding the fundamental differences between these funding approaches, their pros and cons, and which might be better suited for different business models.

Exploring the various factors to consider when deciding whether to seek external funding or rely on bootstrapping strategies for initial growth.

Identifying the right stage for fundraising, potential funding sources, and key considerations for attracting investors.

Rohan provided attendees with valuable insights into funding strategies so they can make informed decisions for their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

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