4 Tips To Keep In Mind While Resume Building

A well-written, thought-out resume can help you get your foot in the door.

But if your resume is not up to the mark, it can take you out of the running just as quickly.

We help you narrow it down to 4 key points to keep in mind while making your resume:

1. Less is more- Keep it simple and crisp. The recruiters are going through enough resumes in a day, so they wouldn’t want to spend time reading elaborate statements that can easily be a short bullet point.

2. No Graphics- Glamourising your resume gets you zero brownie points. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Font and highlighting would suffice to play up your achievements. Design elements only add clutter to your resume and can play up as a distraction.

3. Outdated Picture and Links- We recommend not adding a photograph that is outdated and unprofessional. No picture is better than an outdated one. A professional headshot would be the way to go. Links are good as long as they work, and it helps the potential employer to see your related work.

4. Your Objective- Lastly, being able to quantify your achievements in a strategic manner will help get the attention of the employer. Writing objective statements at the start is becoming increasingly outdated. Your past performances should add enough merit to predict your future performance and capabilities.

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