Capitalising on people’s increasing video consumption for your Job Search

In today's constantly evolving job market, differentiating yourself is a “must have” than a “good to have”. Along with a traditional resume, video resumes are a powerful tool to showcase your skills and value proposition for your potential employer during the job interview.

In fact, according to a survey by ResumeLab, video resumes can increase your chances of getting an interview by 34%.

Your prospective recruiter or hiring manager is consuming the same amount of short-form content as you are. So having compelling video snippets of your journey tailored for the viewership of platforms like Instagram Reels or TikTok can help you seize the attention you need.

Treat it as a teaser and not the whole story. Offer a compelling glimpse into your skills and accomplishments, while keeping the full picture (your traditional resume and LinkedIn profile) readily available.

Furthermore, in the age of creators becoming new CEOs, showcasing your unique journey can inspire others and highlight the evolving landscape of job searches.

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Nailing Your Elevator Pitch

Think of that crucial moment when you connect with a hiring manager – that's your elevator pitch's golden hour.

But before they dive into your textual resume, your video resume can present a quick, compelling intro i.e. your elevator pitch.

Why does it matter? It sets the stage. Your pitch grabs attention and explains why they should care about you.

The Key? YOU. Condense your impressive skills and experience into a brief, impactful pitch — your virtual handshake — making them curious and eager to see more.

This will serve as a strong first impression, forcing the recruiter to check you out on LinkedIn.

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