Be A Team Player

“Be intentional about how you live your life, get out of living in default mode.” says Ajit Sivaram. Ajit started off his career with part-time jobs at a restaurant and furniture warehouse before becoming a full-time mentor in a church. In 2011, he started a volunteering movement called U&I in India, which currently has 1500 students, and 2000 volunteers across 30 cities. He’s also the CEO of Change+ which is a leadership development company to empower leaders and helps them build kickass teams.

Ajit believes understanding that everyone is unique and brings their own flavour to the team is vital in a well-knit team. His experience from leading U&I and Change+ with his co-founder has cemented this belief. They appreciate each other's individuality rather than seeing it as a threat, along with understanding the value that the other person brings to the table. This not only helps them build harmony at the top of the ladder in their organization but allows them to learn from someone who is very different from them across different levels in the company.

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