Be Adaptable At Work

Do not be scared to close one door, because a better door will definitely open. The first step to success is to take risks, the moment you do that you naturally get pulled towards what’s best for you,” says Sahil Rishiraj.

Sahil got placed through campus with Ernst & Young as a Tax analyst. Within two years of doing so, he realised it wasn’t his calling. He quit EY in Feb 2020 with a couple of options in his mind to pursue like: Cruise Management or Graphic Design or Professional Photography or Digital Marketing. The pandemic added to the confusion but he used that time to funnel his interests further and found his calling in User Experience & User Interface Design. 

Today, his experience covers numerous projects and is working fulltime as a UX/UI designer at 32nd Avenue where he is designing their whole digital space which is spread across India and will be used by lakhs of customers.

Coming from a  defence background, he has lived in 16 cities, 12 states, 22 houses,  and changed 10 schools. This has made adaptability the most striking feature and to be able to empathise with every kind of personality.

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