Be Ambitious

“Put your head down, keep churning the hours - success will eventually come. A lawyer's job is not to win or lose cases but to ensure that the correct decision is taken. If you are honest with the client and the judge, you will earn the goodwill” says Sachit Jolly

Sachit was an accidental lawyer, having completed his schooling as a science student, and he aspired to be an architect. But due to the change in the method of admissions at the School of Planning & Architecture in 2007, I enrolled as a lawyer, so as to not waste a year. The rest is history. 

He’s been solving complex legal and tax issues for more than 14 years now and enjoys each day of his work. Grateful to have taken this path, Sanchit believes that staying true to your beliefs is extremely important in the legal profession, particularly because more than 80,000 lawyers graduate every year and no one retires from the profession. But if one doesn’t adapt and evolve, one won’t be able to keep up with the inherent nature of the profession.

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