Be Better Prepared Than Everybody Else

“Invest time building authentic connections, trust your instincts, and just be curious,” says Aditi Shrivastava, a tech & media journalist.

Taking risks and not losing focus has been the driving force for Aditi. She comes with close to a decade of experience in the media and experiences across Reuters, Economic Times, and Stellaris Venture Partners. She is currently building The CapTable, a subscription platform, at YourStory, India’s most trusted startup media house.

Aditi studied commerce and was almost prepared for a future in finance but journalism to her, “just felt right”. It gave her energy, purpose, and a sense of belonging. Thanks to her mother’s support she pivoted towards it and it changed her career path. Three guiding principles, which she believes is critical to a budding journalist's individuality are: Firstly, be better prepared than everybody else, secondly, be a good listener, and lastly, ask the right questions.

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