Be Competent At Work

“Talk about your compensation with other people. Compensation opaqueness is a tactic used to keep people from knowing their true worth” says Zachary Wilkins.

Zach got his break as an analyst at Communicus after college, before that he had almost 200 job applications that were rejected. While optimising data through Tableau and SQL at work he completed a Master's in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern, which bumped him into a promotion that involved more modelling and analytics responsibilities. This position allows him to make large contributions to analysis and potential client deliverables. 

Zach has spearheaded optimising the systems such that they can handle 4x more work with only 1.25x more employees than the company had about seven years ago. How one handles an environment of pure independence and keeping yourself motivated is what helps in defining you as an individual. According to him, it's not often that a single person is irreplaceable but, sometimes a single person can drag the whole team to victory.

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