Be Your Own Cheerleader

“Never fear failure. Failure teaches you more lessons than success. Great things never come from comfort zones,” says Tanya Nambiar. Creative and determined, Tanya started working at the age of eighteen, always wanting to be financially independent. Even while she was in college after classes meant heading for part-time jobs. 

After graduation, she joined the corporate world and her day-to-day experience in sales gave her the belief to give her dreams a chance. Soon after, she got into the creative side and began donning hats as a full-time singer, a voice-over artist, and an anchor and co-founder of El Diablo Sauces- India's most exciting sauce brand.

Tanya manages to add her personal streak to all her professions that she juggles on a daily basis. She has learned to be thick-skinned and be her own cheerleader at all times and it is this attitude that has made her reach where she is today.

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