Beyond Automation: There’s not a better time to be Human than in today’s AI-Powered Workplace

People worry that robots will take away jobs, but what if we're looking at it the wrong way?

What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) could help us discover new abilities within ourselves?

Firstly, AI is not trying to steal your keyboard. Artificial intelligence is a series of complex algorithms trained on data, good at repetitive tasks, data analysis, and pattern recognition. But AI lacks that spark that defines us - human skills like leadership, empathy, and social skills.

These are the skills that will propel us in the AI-powered future:

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Leadership & Vision:

When you're the head of a project team, it is your vision that sets the course. Making smart decisions, handling uncertainties, and sparking new ideas is the essence of the role. Effective leaders will use data from AI to act, not worry about AI making the decisions for them.

Similarly, when building a product, you can use AI to figure out what users want. But it's your vision that decides the product's core features and functionality. Your ability to inspire the team can’t be “prompted” (Pun intended).

Empathy & Understanding:

Now, while AI can analyze human behavior in the abstract, it can't truly empathize. Being in the customer's shoes, and understanding their feelings allows you to connect with people, not just their data.

Now using the above 2, you need to prepare for your career by embracing AI:

Learn about AI-powered roles:

-> Chief AI Officer: Lead the AI charge, integrating it into company strategy.

-> AI Engineer: Build and maintain the complex systems behind AI applications.

-> AI Data Scientist: Extract insights from data to fuel AI development.

Optimize your resume for AI:

-> Keywords: Tailor your resume to the specific AI roles you target.

-> Quantify achievements: Use metrics to showcase the impact of your work.

-> Storytelling: Don't just list skills, explain how you used them to achieve results. Not only on your resume but also weave an impactful narrative with effective storytelling strategies on LinkedIn.

There is not a better time to double down on individual productivity so combine AI with your human skills, and land your dream role in the future of work.

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