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“The right confidence and attitude only comes from a place of belief and being your own cheerleader” says Gaurav Singh. Gaurav’s personal growth journey started when he decided to move out of his hometown in Rajasthan. While doing his undergrad in Delhi, he made sure he networked, met the right people whether it was meet-ups, art events, open mics, unafraid to put himself out there. These interactions along with being part of AIESEC have helped him shape the idea of the world around him.

He thinks now more than ever, that his individuality is what keeps him relevant in the circles- be it work, friends, or family. He strongly believes if you are not yourself and are not willing to show your vulnerable self to the people you work with, you can never make a genuine connection. It only happens in extremely toxic environments that people rise up the ladder based on hiding how one is truly feeling.

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