5 Common Resume Mistakes to Ditch Now

A resume can tell a lot about you to your recruiter even before you have met or spoken with them. A resume is a powerful tool to sell your strongest skill sets and accomplishments to your prospective employer. But with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) scanning resumes like robots, even the slightest misstep can land your application in the rejection pile.

When it comes to keeping it structured, readable, and ATS-friendly, there are a few resume tips to keep in mind. A resume should have all the necessary details relevant to the job you have applied for. When a recruiter is unable to spot the essential information on your resume, he will probably reject your application before you can reach the employer. Therefore, remember: it's all about presentation.

Here are a few things to avoid on your resume:

1. Unnecessary Design:

Are you thinking a splash of color or a fancy font will make your resume stand out? Think again! Recruiters and ATS crave cleanliness and professionalism. It is essential to pick a resume template that has a clean design. Avoid making resumes with coloured text. Instead, keep a standard format with black coloured text. Don’t use inappropriate fonts with unreadable fonts and font sizes. Lastly, avoid inserting tables or charts, as they can confuse ATS. Make sure there is no uneven white space or uneven para-spacing.

2. Incorrect/ inactive hyperlinks:

Linking your portfolio or website to your resume is a great way to showcase your skills and experience. If you are interlinking, make sure it works correctly and is active as well. A broken link screams "unprofessional" and tells recruiters you don't care about the details. Do not provide any unauthorized links on your resume. Double-check all your links before hitting submit.

3. Your photo:

Please do not include your photograph on the resume. Unless you're applying for a modeling job, your photo has no place on your resume. Putting a photo on a resume can be risky as it can introduce unconscious bias into the hiring process. Also, anything visual on your resume might affect how ATS reads your resume. Let your skills and experience speak for themselves.

4. Summary:

Remember the days of writing lengthy "objectives" on your resume? Those are gone. There is no need to include your summary or objective on the resume, as it is redundant and takes up valuable space. You can always tell about yourself when you meet in person during the interview process.

5. Multiple pages:

No one wants to read a novel-length resume. Recruiters spend merely 5 to 6 seconds scanning each application, so make every word count. Aim for a one-page resume highlighting your most relevant skills and accomplishments, and tailor your resume to each specific job you apply for.

By avoiding these resume blunders and implementing these simple tips, you can craft a resume that speaks volumes about your skills and capability.

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Remember, your resume is your first impression, so make it count!

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