Consistency Is Key

“If you can't pen down a business plan, do not step in the ring. You won't last the rounds. Pray for the best but be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Know what resources are going to be needed to see business objectives through” says Anhad Sethi in his ever-candid demeanour. 

Anhad birthed orange Chopsticks after coming back from Singapore and expanded the business 3 fold. In the following years, he lost it all due to many roadblocks and it was here that he evolved his business plan to escape bankruptcy and pivot his business back on the road to success. The pandemic was another hit that he took but came out of it strong and is operating his brands Jom Jom Malay, Orange Chopsticks, and Miss Miyagi in some of the best locations in Delhi NCR

His strong, optimistic and solution-driven personality has helped him sail through tough times in his career. He vouches that confidence comes from within and if you're clear about your truth, you should follow that and not try to walk someone else's shoes as it never turns out the way you want it to.

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