Creating Your Own Path

“Keep doing the work- each day, every day,” says Ritika Agarwal. Dedicated and creative, Ritika started developing board games for kids in 2014. Her creative abilities and dedication were put to test when she decided to start her company in November 2020, after years of research.  There was an immense amount of development required around the concept of board games for children and how to make it different from the rest that is currently out there in the market. 

Ritika has currently launched three board games for kids aged between 3-12. These games not only aim to make children smart but focus on discipline, being kind, and being responsible. 

According to her, being knowledgeable and honing your skill sets helps, but dedication and perseverance are the attributes that take one’s career to greater heights. Having a vision is the easy part, the will to keep going and working towards it is what will make you stand out from the rest.

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