Don’t Be Afraid To Stand Out

“Do not try to change yourself to fit the needs of others. Be yourself, and speak out even if your views don't align with the existed norms. Sticking out as different from the crowd is often an advantage. ” says Aakanksha, Founder-The Edge, & Investor & Artist.

Analytical, Driven, Honest  - Aakanksha started her career with management consulting 15 years ago, then worked in investment research as a Portfolio Manager-managing US$ 200M+ in institutional assets, and currently owns a financial newsletter - The Edge, she's also an oil painter and digital artist at ChartScapes-series of artworks.

Her investing experience, with a goal to democratise investment knowledge beyond just institutional doors, has been the main aim of her financial newsletter-The Edge

Her personality of having clear goals aligned with her long-term career interests has always played a prominent role in her journey and she's on a mission is to share her experiences with others, alongside building an artist career.

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