Don't Second Guess, Without Giving Your Best Shot

“Trust your instincts, they never fail,” says Dhruv Goel.

Dhruv started his professional journey with his family business in Thailand after which he set up his international trade business and a metal manufacturing plant in Delhi, all at the age of 23.

He was quick to realise that these ventures weren't up his alley despite them making money. This epiphany made him follow his passion for marketing and launch Brand Catapult, a full-service marketing consulting firm along with its own photography & videography studio as well. The agency has scaled to over 5 countries and caters to clients from over 45 different industries.

If it wasn't for his individuality he wouldn't have taken the step of leaving behind a successful business to follow his passion. The bold switch in his industry has enabled him to be differentiated from his competitors giving him an edge in front of his clients'.

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