Envisioning Your Dream Job

“Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do” says Iknoor Kaur. Curious and passionate, Iknoor started as an intern at The Pioneer newspaper in 2013. One of the first stories that she reported on was the Nirbhaya gangrape which embedded journalism as a part of her identity even though she has stepped out of active journalism today. 

After Pioneer, she moved to television with NewsX where she got to spend time at the LOC in Kashmir and at terror conflict zones in Punjab. She believes her time there was one of the best of her journalistic experience. This paved the move to Times Now after which she was awarded the Chevening Scholarship to complete her Master's at Cardiff University, UK.  She is now working at BBC in London. 

“My individuality is probably the only reason I have done anything in my career so far”, Iknoor says she has always been inspired by many people, but very early in life, she made up her mind that she wanted to write her own story. “This has consistently built faith in my own abilities and helped me follow through with the vision I have for myself.”

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