Facing Every Obstacle Head On

“Fine tune the inner voices and turn deaf ears to outer voices. Only you know what you can achieve,” says Divya Sarin.

Divya pursued her MBA in Communication Management from SIMC Pune. She then began her career in Ad Sales with a publishing house in Delhi. Currently, she is working as a General Manager at The Coder School in Atlanta, USA. She has taken over the responsibilities for marketing the school’s membership services, and is responsible for hiring and implementing high-quality programming that aligns with after-school learning related to coding programs. 

Being a people person all her life, Divya gets energised by brainstorming sessions with co-workers and works with a sense of urgency at all times. It was this determination and passion that did not let her give up on her first love of “Sales'' when she moved to the USA from India. She took the hurdles of landing a “Non-IT job” head-on because she did not want to pivot from her core values and strengths due to external factors.

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