Failure Offers The Best Learnings

“I relate one's professional life to a video game, with various twists and turns. With each level it gets harder, but increasingly exciting. To cross the levels and reach your goals one has to learn from mistakes. The most important thing is not to give up.” says Aabhas Khanna 

Curious yet focused, Aabhas started his career in India and has transitioned to a global professional and thought leader, having worked in London and Hong Kong with HSBC for almost a decade. Along with his day job he is also an active angel investor having invested in over 30+ startups across 4 continents.

He credits his success of managing both, being a banker and investor, to the invaluable mentors he’s had during his career and a supportive life partner. The learnings you gain in the beginning of your career are vital for the growth trajectory of your professional life.

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