Finding Joy At Work

“Understand that your career makes up more than 50% of your life. You need to choose something that you wake up for half of your life excited to do,” says John Raphael

John started off his professional career by working with companies like Great Place to Work and Foxymoron. His passion and love for sports helped him garner opportunities to work with the Kerala Blasters in the Indian Super League and Castrol during their Cricket World Cup campaign. ChaloHoppo began as a passion project for him, along with his friends. Within four years, including one where there was absolutely no travel during the lockdown, they managed to host close to 8000 guests in Northeast India and clocked more than six crores in revenue, all of this while building a community of like-minded travellers and adventure-seekers.

John is a firm believer that one should choose a career that fits their purpose in life and lifestyle. Work-life balance, variety and even a bit of adrenaline in his work are something that keeps him on his toes. He has a fear of repetitive activities and highly structured environments, and therefore has chosen a career path that allows him to mix everything that he likes and avoid things he dislikes.

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