Finding Opportunities Even When There May Be None

“Stick to your guns, it gets better, ” says Abhik Banerji. Abhik began his professional journey at BBC Media Action, as a consultant for Bill and Melinda Gates funded projects in Bihar. Post which he made a pit stop at the Africa Education desk at World Bank before going for his master's in Applied Economics at Georgetown University. Post his master's Abhik has worked at the International Monetary Fund, and the National Institute of Urban Affairs in New Delhi where he was the consultant for the 14th Finance Commission and the City Master Plan for Delhi -2041 and currently is employed at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy.

His individuality has been a driving factor in defining the type of opportunities he has always sought. He resonates that his career path would appear ad-hoc to the casual observer but his every choice has been deliberate and is part of a larger plan of becoming a policy shaper.

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