Going The Extra Mile

“Do what you love and love what you do,” says Tanvi Wadhwa. She completed 8 years in the digital industry recently. She started by writing blogs for a startup at a time when the digital industry was just starting out with a handful of agencies and negligible in-house digital teams.

The hardest thing for her at the time was to explain to people why any brand should pay you to manage their social media pages. She laughed it off at carried on. Now people are amazed at the spread of brands Tanvi’s managing and helping them grow substantially.


Her ability to make decisions on her own and stick to them has been a great contributor to her personality and gives her a sense of direction. She believes the decisions we make on a daily basis like-  spending an extra hour at work, volunteering on the weekends, or to multi-task within the organisation is what make us ready for the marathon that life is. If you put in the work and be consistent with it, rewards shall follow.

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