How Adapting At Your Workplace Can Be Beneficial

“If you have the ability to learn fast and you're adaptive to every situation you’re put in, then there is no stopping,” says Gaurav Chatterjee. How we acclimatize to new job positions and verticals is appreciated and often rewarded. 


Gaurav feels a person’s individuality is a 75 to 25 split between the person and the people they surround themselves with. The latter taking 25% credit for it. His journey from an associate at Zomato to a senior manager has been a combination of him adapting to multiple roles at different times which has allowed him to hone the art of problem-solving.

The biggest value adds for any organisation is whether you can be of assistance when their strategies and plans have changed entirely. Whether you can adapt to this change and not conform to the old practices that may not work as well in the future. Like they say, ‘change is the only constant and that is why adapting to change at your job, at home, or in any given situation is crucial.

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