How Risk-Taking Can Lead To Success

“You can only do your best (and be your best!) when you're ready to take risks, ready to not be comfortable, ready to not settle, and are open to new ideas, new opportunities, and new experiences,” says Janhavi Hiranandani 

 Anxious, yet excited Janhavi started her professional journey with sales at Zomato. During her time at Zomato, she sold multiple products and IPs to restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs across the country.  That is when she realised that her calling is working in digital media. Currently, she’s working at Google as an Account Strategist where she helps SMBs across India grow their business using Google’s portfolio of products and services.

 She believes that her individuality has played a very big part in her career.  Janhavi gives her family all the credit for that, for always believing in her. She has made her own choices from the beginning and has learned from her mistakes when they didn’t work out the way she had intended them to. It has helped her build confidence and not be afraid to take risks, be it moving to a different city, changing careers, or lines of work - and all before the age of 23!

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