How To Be An Asset To The Company

“Make one decision, no matter how big or small it is, on a regular basis, purely based on your instinct. Don't let spreadsheets and data or market situations dictate your decisions. It will work, trust me on this.” says Rajneesh Malik, Director at Sidewok Restaurants

Rajneesh started off by opening a Chinese Specialty Restaurant called "Chinatown" at Hotel Ashok, shortly after completing his Hotel Management course in 2003. Along with the legendary Pan Asian Restaurant Sidewok,' he operates a kid's play area called 'Going Bananas' But it doesn’t end here. Rajneesh also has a cafe called 'Another Fine Day-Cafe and Reading Room.' He has also run a successful Mediterranean restaurant called Fez Dining and Bar earlier.

What led him to successfully lead multiple high-performing teams was- Accountability. To show ownership in the work front. This requires you to accept feedback, and be coachable at any given age. After all, there is no age for learning. 

This not only helps in setting targets and working towards one’s goals, but also helps correct our follies and move forward, by taking corrective actions. To acknowledge and mend your mistakes is a great way to - lead by example. 

He believes self-awareness plays an imperative role in his individuality.

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