How To Deal With Resume Gaps

Recruiters often have the ability to make you think that a gap in your resume is no good, and since they’re the ones hiring, it’s important they understand why you took the gap. If this time off is justified to you, it is essential to let the organisation know why this break had to be taken in order for you to present your best self yet.

Your time off could possibly be the most productive time of your life. You took the google certified course you always wanted, you went backpacking to the hills for a month and found a new passion, you got back to reading again and spent time with your loved ones who otherwise don’t get to see you at all, you gave birth and the maternity leave is just not enough time with your toddler, or you just needed to make mental health your top priority.

If your reasons for a break seem valid and the hiring managers still question you showing no signs of empathy, then maybe look elsewhere. The lack of understanding could be a sign that the company and its work ethics may not be the right fit for you. Don’t let this bog you down and find an organisation that stands true to its beliefs.

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