How Women Built Brands Before Personal Branding Was a Thing

Have you ever considered that the concept of personal branding isn't entirely new? 

While the term itself might be a recent addition to our professional vocabulary, the act of cultivating a reputation and establishing yourself as an authority in your field or industry has been around for centuries.

Basically, Personal branding is the strategic management of your public image. It's about crafting a narrative that showcases your skills, experience, and values, making you a recognizable and trusted figure in your field.

And: Women, especially our mothers have strong personal brands, and they don’t even really care about the curated online profiles with likes and reshares. We celebrated them here, this Women’s Day.

Think about history's most impactful female leaders- Indira Nooyi, the first woman of colour to lead PepsiCo, or Sudha Murty, a philanthropist and the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. Their legacies speak volumes, even without a single carefully crafted Instagram post.

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So, how did they do it?

Back then, personal branding was more organic. It stemmed from consistently delivering exceptional results, demonstrating strong leadership qualities, and advocating for causes they believed in. Their tireless work and unwavering commitment built a reputation that resonated with people, making them household names.

However, the landscape has certainly shifted. Today, in the digital age, strategic personal branding takes centre stage. While the core principles of authenticity and integrity remain similar, the tools and strategies available have evolved dramatically.

Modern-day women entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of online platforms, thought leadership content, and strategic networking to amplify their voices and establish themselves as credible experts. 

Take Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code, for instance. Through her impactful organisation and engaging social media presence, she has become a leading advocate for closing the gender gap in technology.

The statistic alone speaks volumes: About 58% of the female entrepreneurs were in the age range of 20-30 when they started out. And almost 40% of these women started out solo. 

But what about women in male-dominated industries? 

Here, personal branding serves as a critical tool to overcome preconceived notions and establish authority. 

At BYOB, we see firsthand the power of strategic personal branding, especially for women in male-dominated fields. One such example is a recent client of ours, a woman executive in the real estate industry.

Before starting her personal branding journey, she often felt her voice wasn't heard during meetings or in the office generally. 

Many women face similar challenges. A 2021 McKinsey survey of over 65,000 employees at 88 companies found that women reported facing more challenges to their competence than men.

However, after 1 year of building her brand, she shared her excitement about the positive changes. Now, she feels more confident and empowered, and most importantly, her voice is being heard by colleagues and clients alike.

These countless success stories we've witnessed demonstrate a clear ROI – personal branding translates into increased visibility, attracts potential clients, and ultimately leads to career advancement.

Did you know? From 2019 to 2023, women-owned businesses’ growth rate outpaced the rate of men’s 94.3% for number of firms, 252.8% for employment, and 82.0% for revenue.

Why is personal branding so important for women leaders?

In professional settings, particularly in leadership roles and decision-making positions, it allows women to ensure their voices are heard and respected. When you establish yourself as a thought leader with a strong personal brand, you command attention and influence conversations.

So, how can you, as a woman, build and enhance your personal brand? 

Here are a few actionable strategies:

Remember, building a strong personal brand is an ongoing process. While the landscape has changed dramatically, the core principles still remain the same. With the right tools and strategies, you can leverage your personal brand to shatter barriers, dismantle biases, and achieve your full potential.

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