Is Cold E-mailing Still Effective?

Although email marketing has proven useful, many businesses and brands wonder whether cold emailing is effective or not. For the uninitiated, in cold emailing, the recipient is not explicitly contacted prior to the email being sent, or there has been no previous correspondence. It's all about building a relationship with a prospective employer or client using a cold email strategy.

It may seem daunting to build an organic email list but with time and a proper approach, a well-executed cold email strategy can prove to be effective for your personal brand. Remember, when you are drafting a cold email, you do not have any relationship with the recipient, however, an impressive cold email can be the start of one.

Here are a few tips to write a cold email effectively:

Write an impressive subject line for your email

The subject line is one of the most important parts of your email. You should be honest, direct, and spark the recipient's curiosity with your subject. The subject line should not indicate that you are spamming the recipient. Your subject line should have a maximum of seven words.

Employers or prospective clients generally look for solutions that suit their personal needs. It's important to make your cold email subject lines as direct and personalized as possible in order to meet potential employers' or clients’ needs while reinforcing your personal brand.

Make your intentions clear while approaching the recipient

Don’t make your cold email sound generic; adding a little bit of personalized touch can go a long way. The body of the email is as important as the subject line. To keep your recipient interested, make sure your email body is direct and pertinent to them.

The recipient shouldn’t feel like they are just another contact in your email list; rather they should feel that you have specifically reached out to them as your potential employer or client. Show interest in their work and express how value-adding your association can be in terms of enhancing their understanding of your personal brand.

Show sample work or results as reference

Cold emails work when you show work references, portfolios or results that are relevant to the recipient. The additional boost that a verifiable source will provide can make the difference between an unresponsive cold email and one that gets noticed.

Providing sources, samples of work, or references that demonstrate your effectiveness can be a great asset in an email.

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