Learning From Your Team

“Build your team wisely. They define you. Don't shy away from hiring people better than you,” says Ragini Das.

Ambitious, Adaptable, and Reliable  - Ragini started her career in sales and marketing back in 2012 at a manufacturing conglomerate before moving to Zomato at the end of 2013. Over the six years there, she worked across different regions and verticals in various sales and growth roles. She credits her stint in Zomato for teaching her most of what she knows in life today. 

She is now a founder at leap.club - building a private, professional network of women leaders with a simple mission - more women in leadership positions. Ragini is a strong believer that the power of personalisation and individualism has always brought out the best in her, and made her bring out the best in people. 

Exercising one's freedom of expression gives more flexibility to people you work with, and to perform their best. It paves the way for abstract thinking and problem-solving which in turn is a strong enabler to building high-performance teams.

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