How to Make A First Impression At Your Interview

Ever wondered what recruiters really think during interviews? The key to impressing them lies not in pre-written answers, but in a strategic interview preparation approach. It's all about shifting the game, going beyond practiced responses and into a proactive pre-interview strategy showcasing your knowledge and leaving a lasting impression.

Prepping for an interview can be overwhelming. There’s a need to be compelling from the beginning to the end. One way to accomplish that is to impress the recruiter by having an informational interview.

Informational Interview

Confused about what that means?

Basically, have a ”curious conversation” with the recruiter, rather than the recruiter having to ask basic questions for you to prompt an answer.

Your questions can be around:

People: Ask about the people in the organisation, the structure, and the culture. How is the team that you’ll be working with, take a look at their LinkedIn profiles and be informed about them. Have a discussion about management and how the hierarchy works with the employees.

Growth: Discuss professional growth in the organisation, how you’ve gotten to the place you are at now, and the growth of the organisation you’re interviewing for as well. Being informed about the company and suggesting ideas for growth, and what the company plans are shows that you want to be involved in the foreseeable future.

Company: If a recruiter asks, why you want to join this company, and you draw a blank, it could be a major red flag. Make sure you do thorough research about the company and the role that you’re applying for.

Industry: Talking about the industry that the company operates in, the competitors and the market economics shows that you’re aware of what you’re applying for and how your company handles its revenue.

Being well-informed will not only show the recruiter that you are a serious applicant but also help them pass along this information to their peers, making you stand out from the crowd.

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