Virtual Interview Tips to Ace Your Remote Meeting

COVID-19 changed the way the work environment - meetings, get-togethers, onboarding - everything is done virtually, even the interviews. For the interviewee, it’s serious business; they want to present the best version of themselves and move on to the next round.

Keep these tips in mind before your next interview:

Tech Glitches:

Always make sure you’ve got good WIFI connectivity. Virtual interviews usually have video turned on, and that requires a good and sturdy connection to have clear video and audio. The last thing you want is repeating “Can you hear me” 15 times in a row.

Distracting Backgrounds:

Usually, a plain background is what we recommend, but you can have some plants or a bookshelf in the background too. Anything that is static and doesn’t distract the interviewer during the call will work. You can even use a background on the video calling service you’re using, and blurring it is usually the best option.


While one may not give much thought to body language since you can only see 1/3rd of your screen. However, bad posture and slouching denote a lazy attitude. Instead, sit up straight to show that you are present and involved in the conversation during your remote interview.

Lack of Engagement:

Interviews don’t always have to be a game of questions and answers. Usually, the best interviews are the ones where you can have a conversation with the recruiter rather than the recruiter having to constantly urge you to answer and speak more about yourself. Engaging with a recruiter and having a meaningful conversation shows that you have the relevant soft skills required for this job.

Remember, interviews aren't just about your skills - they're about showcasing your unique personality too! Need some inspiration for conversation starters that reveal your unique story and build rapport? Ditch the generic interview talk and craft genuine connections with our Interview Icebreaker service. Get personalized prompts tailored to your experience and the job you're chasing, and unlock conversation starters that reveal your strengths and captivate your interviewer.

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