No Achievement Is Too Big Or Too Small

Ananya unfolds her journey filled with learnings. “Be honest with yourself because the world is a little cruel, and there will be times when people will doubt, question, allege, and contradict you” says Ananya, Alumni of SRCC.

Unique, ingenuous, and upbeat are how we could describe Ananya.  She began her journey on LinkedIn while in college and currently stands with a supportive community of 50,000+ followers with 7,500,000+ views, and 115,000+ engagements, being a part of the Linkedin creator accelerator program.

From acquiring an AIR 1 in CBSE’17 and AIR 6 in CBSE’19 to collaborating with multiple brands, and heading 10+ webinars/sessions, this journey of hers has been full of learnings.

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