Patience Is A Virtue

“My biggest piece of advice would be that sometimes it takes patience to get where you want in your career, which could be finding the right organisational fit or a new role opening up. Focus on what you can control in your current role and performance and good things will happen,” says Josh Lefevre.

Josh grew up in Silicon Valley seeing companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook blow up in the vicinity. After studying MIS & Management at the University of Arizona, Josh started his career in the Bay Area as an IT intern at Palo Alto Networks, then as an IT Support Specialist at Prysm and currently leads a ten-member IT End User Services team at Box, an enterprise cloud content management platform.

Josh credits his Individuality to having played a big role in his career while becoming a people manager, it has helped him in building long-lasting relationships with people within his organisation and even outside.

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