Set Higher Goals For Yourself

“Don’t become egoistical with success; stay grounded & stay willing to learn, because the learning curve won’t stop,” says Tanya Khanna.

Tanya, an architect by profession, was always inclined towards writing and architecture as ideal career options. She worked with India’s oldest architectural journal, which gave her the right platform to gain experience in both writing and architecture. Post a masters degree from The Bartlett, UCL, London, she continued to explore architecture and content, further through her years in London and New Delhi. 

Following some great assignments globally, and with some good interactions with the right mentors, she formally started Epistle and secured her first project sitting in her living room, within six months! India’s first communications consultancy for architects and by architects, today, the firm has grown organically to cater to clients globally, while maintaining a unique balance of design and communication, and has developed its own niche in an untapped market.

Being content as a person has helped Tanya’s journey, to focus on the work and the quality of what Epistle provided in terms of a service. Along with this, being from a non-business background, she inherently focused on her team and the importance of a good one at that, which has helped her and Epistle’s journey so far.

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