Soaring Through Greater Heights

“Crib less, contribute more. Surprise them with a little more than they asked for. Push yourself a little more than you planned for,” says Disha Oberoi.

Disha was an early adopter of the world of hustling. She clocked five-digit miles at 35000 ft. by the age of 21 for Jet Airways. Currently, she is on the airwaves as a prime-time Radio Jockey for Red FM. She feels that once you start figuring out your core personality, the next step is to get comfortable with it and the third is to hone it. She believes these three steps can not be done by one person, you need to be willing to listen (which is a dying art) and lucky enough to find good mentors who help build a conducive ecosystem to thrive in, not just survive in. 

Her biggest high in her professional life, in chronological order, has been - firstly, representing India and winning at the New York Radio Festival with 32 participating countries. And secondly, received the National Media Award from the President of India in 2020.

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