Take Charge Wherever You Can

“Working at an early-stage startup is probably the most underrated way to discover your niche,” says Kriti Gupta. She started out with the most ideal career by landing an internship with the Growth Marketing team at one of YC's renowned startups in 2019. Due to the pandemic, her full-time offer was put on hold and she found herself as a clueless graduate with no idea about what she wanted to do next. Rather than feeling disheartened, Kriti put her passion for marketing to use and started creating content on LinkedIn full-time. Her resilience and hard work paved the way for her leading Admissions for Stoa School.

Kriti believes her passionate individuality along with always being open to feedback has helped her grasp her work really fast. It has helped her understand the business better and allowed her to spearhead an entire department so early in her career.

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