Take Ownership And See The Difference

“Be open and accepting of change. It is quite literally the only constant. Never get complacent be it your personal life or professional life” says Raghav Dewan.

Independent, Persistent & Adaptable  - Raghav Started working at the age of 18 by launching a sneaker reselling business which he operated for 2 years. After selling his business he moved into the food tech industry with Zomato where he worked in multiple roles and teams across the dine-in and delivery verticals. His entrepreneurial stint along with his experience in sales has currently garnered him a role at Google in the advertising domain.

Raghav credits his individuality for always taking charge, be it new challenges and uncertainties or any difficult circumstances head on. It has helped him adapt to the nature of life at an early age and helped him develop a calm head in otherwise stressful situations.

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