The Power Of Asking Questions

“It’s okay to disagree at work, ” advises Vrinda Sahni to people in the early years of their careers. Vrinda started working at Evalueserve in 2018 after graduating and has worked up the ladder from then on. Currently, she’s leading a team to take care of a large portfolio of clients across industries. 


She finds that her confident, bold and straightforward self has helped her stand out in the organisation and has made her the go-to person for “that extra” project whenever required. What really helps you get your foot in the door, is asking questions.  This in turn helps with the exchange of ideas with one another in the team, whilst you come up with solutions. It fuels innovation and is often a good team-building exercise. 

You also help the organisation in assessing the risks or unforeseen challenges by sharing a fresh perspective. More importantly, not putting your questions and doubts across, just puts a barrier in you giving in your best. So we’d say, ask away! It is definitely a skill to be honed and we know, it is admired by all the bosses. 

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