The Value Of Individuality

“Stick around, don't switch your jobs too often. Accelerated growth is just around the corner” says Yash Desai, Co-Founder at 

If you’ve heard about ‘The Great Resignation’, you know that Yash is right. 

As human beings, we are inherently impatient, and often too quick to take a rash decision and jump the guns. The reasons to quit our jobs are almost always justified in our heads- toxic work environment, underpaid and overworked, and no credit where it's due. 

We are also in the presence of a generation that is overworked but want success as early as possible. Which means, switching jobs until you find your best fit. But the pandemic hit, and the workplace had a huge impact on it. In 2020, employees were looking to retain their jobs for a stable income and the numbers did not budge in terms of resignation. 

2022 has already seen the number of resignations increase by 0.012% which has made a few industries rethink their current ideologies and bring the focus on their employees. The change in the workplace will not happen overnight but is in motion, as organizations are now consciously shifting their focus on their employees and workplace environment. 

Yash started out his journey as an Account Manager at FoxyMoron, led Gourmet Passport at Dineout, and is currently the Co-Founder of OneCode. He credits his Individuality to be the biggest driver for his success so far.

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