Time And Patience To Finding Your Path

“Give it a little time and everything falls in place,” says Soumya Bhalla. Hardworking, patient, and dedicated, Soumya moved back to India after completing her MSC in Organisational Analysis and HR in London. She started working for a Switzerland-based Venture Capitalist firm shortly after. Her stint there as a research assistant working on papers relating to entrepreneurship and helping establish growth perspectives intrigued her about the start-up boom happening in India which led her to join Zomato in its early stages. 

Her Individuality resonates with her stint at Zomato. She enjoys what she does every day and that's her biggest motivation. Soumya has been a core team member at Zomato and is en route to completing a decade there. Her stint spans multiple revenue teams to build guidelines from scratch, which can be daunting but are the backbone of the company’s daily operations today.

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