Unconventional Career Choices For The Win

“Be true to yourself and, if life gives you the chance, follow your own dreams and passions rather than someone else's” says Kritika Vohra, currently a Bob Hepple Equality Fellow at the Equal Rights Trust, UK.

The road to building your own career path is definitely more strenuous than climbing a defined career ladder. Neither is easy, so to say.  To not follow a roadmap and to learn through one’s errors. To build that road from scratch and not have anyone to follow can be daunting. 

To find your own path, you may have to change directions in your career several times and face challenges as you go. This possibly could give you the best learning in your life. After graduating from law school in India, Kritika worked in Delhi at the Vidhi Center for Legal Policy. She then moved to the UK for two years to work at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP. Kritika has completed her master's at Harvard Law School and was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard.


Driven and hardworking, she describes herself as a work in progress. She believes that privilege and luck play a big role in one's success than one's individuality, but the latter makes the journey more personal and rewarding. A tale as old as times, but hard work and dedication are ultimately what paves the way to success.

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