Why Building Your Brand Is Essential

“Pause if you need to but don’t ever stop”, says Shashank Lohia, Marketing Head at Foodhall India. He believes that nothing can beat that sparkle in your eye and spring in your step when you’re passionate about what you do and that's what helps you get where you want to be.

Ever heard of the phrase - it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon? This stands true when it comes to building a personal brand. The key to creating your own brand is -consistency, therefore to expect results overnight would be futile. 


There is no better time to get started than today.  To create a brand, share your thoughts and opinions, and meet like-minded people in your network. It might surprise you, how quickly people observe this. Possibly the best way to get noticed nowadays is to check your credibility online.  

Shashank realized he was a brand in himself very early in his career. He began his career in consumer marketing for a luxury travel gear brand. From there on, he has been looking into business operations and now entrepreneurship. Shashank has worked as a marketing manager for DSSC and is now heading marketing for India’s only luxury food retail brand!

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