Why Risk-Taking Is The Key To Entrepreneurship

“Take bold decisions and take risks. Too often we base our decisions to protect the downside. Chase the upside and change your life,” says Anand Sinha 


Hungry for success (and good food), calm, and disciplined- Anand, personally feels his ability to take risks has helped him meet a set of people and establish experiences that have helped him shape his career. These bold decisions often teach you valuable lessons, regardless of whether you succeed or fail.


After his first job at a hedge fund, he realised he needed something more and he was willing to put in the effort of building something from scratch. He joined Zomato in 2011 as an early employee and got a front-seat view of how a company is built from the ground. In The last decade, Anand has had 2 great stints with Zomato, co-founded a media-tech company called PressPlay, and is an Angel Investor backing ambitious seed-stage founders. He is now the founder of his second startup called leap.club- a community-driven, members-only professional network.

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