Work On Being Your Best Self

“Truly understand yourself. If you are simply going down a path because it seems 'like the right thing to do and you don't wake up eager to start the day, you need to start being proactive in your happiness.” says Daniel Koumelis.

Daniel began his career working for a boutique advertising research agency and gained a knowledge base on research. He worked his way from an entry-level associate to a research manager before leaving for HP. 

At HP, he led insights, both product, and marketing, for the Displays & Accessories business unit. His curiosity has had everything to do with how his career has played out so far. It is the reason why he is on the path he is. He strongly believes, if one is not true to their personality and does not increase their knowledge and skills, they will find themselves in a rut. “Spend time understanding your personality- what interests you, how you approach those interests, how you work with others, traits you want and don't want in a job. Then, it is up to you to build your knowledge and skills to advance.”

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