Working Towards Your Vision

“Be passionate in whatever you do, it’s that simple,” says Sabyasachi Dutta. He was hired from campus as a management trainee at UFlex. His growth trajectory has been inspirational to many because of the spread of multinationals he has had the privilege of working at namely- Nefab, Kodak, Lino Manfrotto (a Vitec Group plc company), and Vidatec to name a few. 

Through his work experiences and hard work and ambitious nature, he is now the Country General Manager, in India for Crown Agents, which is ​​an international development organisation that works with leaders across the globe to accelerate self-sufficiency and prosperity

For him his individuality has helped him tremendously to lead companies using his own unique perspective, vision, and insights. He draws inspiration from many but always chooses to work according to his style and ideology.

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