Your Talent Determines What You Can Do

“The perfect mix of skill, will and a touch of the fear of failure can get you wherever you want,” says Chhavi Sodhi.

Chhavi pivoted her professional journey when she unexpectedly landed up at Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi. Not too keen on the education system and a little less enthusiastic about books or grades, she quickly realised the value of working smart in the 12th grade.  Being true to what you believe in helps you nurture your skills.

Playing her cards right she joined McKinsey’s knowledge network right after college to get some consulting experience since that is what intrigued her. Enamoured by the industry, she went ahead with an MBA at ISB and re-joined the firm as a generalist consultant in 2019. Chhavi credits her instincts for where she is today and doesn’t think she’d be if she followed the path that was set out for her. Her individuality has impacted her career trajectory immensely.

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