3 Tips To Keep In Mind Before An Interview

While waiting for an interview, it may feel like the concept of time has been temporarily suspended. The short span between getting shortlisted for an interview and actually taking it, makes us question everything, not to forget- our anxiety soaring through.

A few things to always keep in mind to help calm your nerves before the big interview.

1. Elaborate on details that are not in the resume- Your resume has already got you covered in terms of your work experience. The interview round is for you to talk about your achievements and your skill sets. Highlight a quality of yours that was appreciated in your previous workplace. Whether you were appreciated for being a team player or taking ownership when the boss is away or completing a project well before the deadline is all a worthy trait of getting you shortlisted.

2. Ask questions- We can not stress this enough, if the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for them, “no” is never the right answer. This would be a good time to ask them one or two questions about your role in their company. What the company’s goal is for the next year is always a good question, when in doubt.
Instead of preparing for what you bring to the table (which is a question you should be prepared for, at all times), you must also focus on research around the company. To ask insightful questions goes to show your genuine interest in the company and its vision.

3. Adaptability- Companies are looking to invest in not just any employee, but in ‘you as a brand’. It does not have to be educated from an esteemed university or ‘x’ number of years in experience etc. When you are in for the interview, it is rather a time to show them what makes you stand out from the rest. For instance- you have worked with several companies before this, and you plan to utilize the learnings so far, share a new perspective and also be able to apply it in a new environment.

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